Monterey Bay

This page contains the National Weather Service’s marine weather forecast for Monterey bay. Our system grabs the forecast from the NWS servers each hour. If you’d like to check it directly, you should go to this site (or for a fancy graphical version, go here). You can check the non-marine area weather forecast here.

If you’re new to the northern part of Monterey bay, it may help to read this page – it has a bit of “local knowledge” that’ll give you a sense of what to expect when you get out on the water.

When reading this forecast, bear in mind that northerly (and to some extent westerly) winds are often much lighter in the northern bay than the forecast predicts. In fact – if you are going to be staying close to land, the area forecast is often more accurate.

A knot (KT) = 1.1516 miles per hour (mph): 10kt = 11.5mph, 20kt = 23mph

NWS Forecast – Monterey Bay