Our ocean kayak rentals (Capitola only) are an awesome way to experience the ocean first hand. We have both single seat and double seat kayaks so you can go solo or build a fleet. You’ll leave the wharf with a complete set of oars and a life jacket for each person on board. Kayaks cost just $15/hr or $60 for the whole day for single kayaks, $25/hr or $75/day for double kayaks. You may want to take a look at this page to get a sense of how the weather tends to go on a typical summer day. In general if you rent your kayak before 1:00 pm you’ll have a good hour or two before the afternoon easterlies begin to blow and it begins to cool down. If you like it windy, wait for the easterlies, otherwise earlier in the day is better. Most days, kayaks must be back at 3pm or 4pm.