Skiff Rental University – The Test

This is the Skiff Rental University final exam. You can take this test as many times as you wish. You pass when you get 100% correct. Once you’ve passed, print your test and bring it on in. We’ll get you on the water without delay!

You must stay this far away from the shore

It is OK to run your boat up onto the beach

If the red light on your motor is lit

To start an outboard motor

To lift a Mercury motor so that you can clear kelp off

When approaching or leaving the wharf area

To clear kelp from your motor

It is OK to drive through kelp beds

To lower a Mercury motor after clearing it of kelp

If your Mercury motor's pull start rope is locked into position

To lift a Yamaha motor so you can clear kelp off

If you need to buy a fishing license, the quickest and surest way to get one is

To drive a Mercury outboard with a combined throttle-and-gearshift control

The Capitola rental boundary extends from